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INGOT Brokers Collaborates with TDR Views

INGOT Brokers Collaborates with TDR Views

May 28, 2023

INGOT Broker LLC (INGOT Brokers) has recently inked an agreement with TDR Views, a leading financial market fundamental research and technical analysis firm that aims to empower traders worldwide through knowledge and practice.


Through the agreement, INGOT Brokers’ clients will benefit from daily market research and technical reports covering various financial markets and asset classes, including stocks, currencies, ETFs, commodities, and precious metals, to name a few. Clients will also receive accurate, actionable trade set-ups and signals from a dedicated team of certified market technicians focused on increasing traders' accuracy, win-loss ratio, and risk management skills.


"Our mission at TDR Views has always been empowering traders through providing them with professional-grade research and analysis as I believe it is a key factor for success in a trader's journey," TDR Views CEO Seif Qaddoura said. "Therefore, we are proud to have partnered up with INGOT Brokers, who share our values and commitment to better serve traders worldwide," he added.